Powerful Posts – August 27, 2007

Powerful Posts - August 27, 2007

Create Business Growth – Find 2 to10 Extra Hours Per Week With One Simple Action
Christine writes a great article about how to be more productive using some techniques from the 4-Hour Workweek.

Pro Blog Design – Weekly Wrap-up: Why Redesign A Blog?
Michael writes about why blog redesign is all the rage now. Hint: two major blogger redesigns helped.

Alex Shalman – Never Lose A Great Idea Again
Alex talks about how to never lose a great idea again.

ViperChill Marketing – ViperChill Video No.1 ~ Introduction
Glenn’s first stab at video podcasting. Nice work, buddy!

CashQuests – Find Money By Creating A Screenshot Of Your Site
Kumiko gives us a make money online opportunity by leveraging our shorter posts.

Writing For and By Coaches – Blogging for Coaches
Great article about how blogging has helped this author.

Untwisted Vortex – Confessions of a Blogaholic
RT Talks about being addicted to blogging.

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