Powerful Posts – July 13, 2007

Powerful Posts - July 13, 2007

Welcome to the latest installment of my Powerful Posts series!

King Nomar – Nobody Said It was Easy!

Patrick Lee – Diversify your goals

Hoobin Resource Center – LinkBait : Pragmatic Way To Unleash “Content Is King”

FundZine – Your Retirement Power: Common Sense Approach

Matt Blancarte – perseverance and why you need it

Josh Mullineaux – I Think I’m Turning Geek… I Really Think So…

Sam Breadstone – What you should think about when you first start your blog?

Stephen Welton – The How and Why You Should Start Leveraging Video

Powerful Post Award - July 13, 2007

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14 thoughts on “Powerful Posts – July 13, 2007”

  1. I usually read your posts in a reader so I don’t always click through to your site, but I love your “fork in the road” header. I always find great new sites through your powerful posts. Thanks!

  2. I too enjoy your powerful posts. I have found many blogs that I had never read before and some have become favorites of mine. I also just realized I had yet to subscribe to your feed and have done so.

    thanks for the great posts.

    1. I have to agree with you. Powerful Posts sheds light on sites I never seen before, always cool to find new stuff. I remember I found your site Nate from Harpzon blog, speed linking is awesome.

  3. I found some good sites from this post, but do you have any other sites to recommend in the Internet category. Anything that deals with Domains, Web Design and Development, SEO, or just plain improving your site.

    I visit John Chow, Tyler Cruz, (I just added King Nomar), and yours of course. Know of any others?

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