Powerful Posts – July 28, 2007

Powerful Posts - July 28, 2007

Welcome to the latest series of my Powerful Posts! Every now and then I select “powerful” posts I find around the blogosphere to feature in this ongoing series. Congratulations to this week’s powerful posters!

Stephen Welton – Dala Lama – Risk Something Already!

Blog About Your Blog – Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Link Love

Community Spark – Get to know and understand your members

Daily Web Ideas – The Essential Guide To Building Successful Web Sites Ebook

Meridian Crest – 5 Plugins That Automate Reader Service

Web Ink Now – Smart Marketers are statistically improbable according to Amazon.com

ProBlogger – Write a Tip Post – Rediscover Your Blogging Groove

David Airey – One vital addition to any monetized blog or website

King Nomar – One-way links, reciprocal links, three-way-links. What’s best?

Blogtrepreneur – How You Can Find That One Big Idea

Powerful Post Award - July 28, 2007

If you would like to show people your post was selected as a “Powerful Post,” you can copy the following code and paste it at the bottom of your post:


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One last note, King Nomar is holding a contest at his fast growing webmaster forums, 9MB.com. All you have to do to enter is write a blog post about 9MB to win. Head on over to learn more.

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14 thoughts on “Powerful Posts – July 28, 2007”

    1. David, your post is great.

      But what do you do for a blog or website that is just starting and doesn’t have the numbers like you and Nate do? (I don’t think showing my 4.2 million Alexa rank is beneficial.)

      I have a few methods, like contacting advertisers from my old blog, or contacting advertisers from other blogs in my niche. Any other tips??

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