Powerful Posts – May 22, 2007

Powerful Posts - May 22, 2007

Welcome to the latest installment of my Powerful Posts series. For those who are new readers to my blog, every so often I like spread some link love to great articles I find around the blogosphere (and especially my community).

Powerful Post Award - May 22, 2007

I created a 125×125 badge that you may add to your post if it was selected as a Powerful Post. I thought it would be a neat way of showing other readers that someone else (me!) thought your post deserved an honorable mention.

If you would like to display the badge on your Powerful Post, you can copy the following code and paste it into your post:

This Week’s Powerful Posts…

Pick the Brain – 27 Lessons Learned on the Way to 3000 Visits a Day and 2200 RSS Subscribers

Community Spark – Give your site personal appeal

Everybody Go To – RSS Reader Base != Number of Comments

Andreas Bard – Handling Criticism

David Airey – What inspires you?

IFFECT.net – Text Link Ads – Are They A Thing Of The Past?

RandLIFE – How do you feel about paid reviews?

Thanks, everyone, for the Powerful Posts!

11 thoughts on “Powerful Posts – May 22, 2007”

  1. Hi Nate,

    Thanks very much for the mention! It’s great to know that you class a post of mine as powerful!

    I read your articles with interest, and although I’m rushing out the door I’ll come back to read your latest about the dot com mogul. Seems interesting!


  2. Nate. I’m very glad you included me in this as well, I couldn’t be happier. Lately things have really been working out for me, and I’m just pushing very hard to keep it that. It really helps to know that I’ve got a great support system. If you don’t mind, perhaps we could do a blog roll exchange? Any incoming traffic I can get would be great. It would mean a whole lot. Anyways, I’ve subscribed to your feed, (along time ago) because I happen to love your blog. Here’s something unique I thought you should know. My girlfriend is from Mesa, and believes she has seen your cell phone store. Kind of neat, eh? Anyways. thanks once again. Good luck with everything Nata!


  3. That´s a great idea with the badge! I like it! I will not be suprised if this spreads to a lot of other blogs, just like we have seen with John Chow´s idea on the “review me and get a link back”. Hopefully I will be able to put one on to my blog one day 🙂

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