Powerful Posts – May 30, 2007

Powerful Posts - May 30, 2007

Welcome to this week’s Powerful Posts. This is the time when I get to highlight some of the great blog posts I have seen around my community.

This Week’s Powerful Posts…

Josh MullineauxThe Difference Between Being Rich and Being Wealthy

Blog CloutEasy Trick to Achieve All Your Goals

ZoomstartLeverage. It’s How You Make Big Money In Anything

Founders CafeUltimately, is growing your blog worth the effort?

David AireyHere’s your advice for writing effective press releases

Mr. Gary LeeOptimize your Landing Page with Google Optimizer

Smart Wealthy RichAre You And Your Business Prepared For Growth?

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A Few Other Articles & Mentions…

Carl Ocab is giving away $220 worth of prizes in a contest for his birthday.

My good buddy, Matt Coddington, recently auctioned off and sold his popular blog, Net Business Blog. It will be interesting how the blog does without its original life-force.

Better than Google? This guy thinks so. Interesting article on a new search technology which could be BETTER than Google’s. Thanks to Scot for the heads up.

Thanks, everyone, for the Powerful Posts!

15 thoughts on “Powerful Posts – May 30, 2007”

  1. I was surprised too that Matt sold off his blog. He probably got a good job. One that comes with insurance.

    Good for him, some good posts you linked to as well.

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