Powerful Posts – March 30th, 2007

Powerful Posts of the Week

Every week I like to browse my community blogs and highlight some my favorite posts. If you want on my radar, please join my MyBlogLog community.

HarpzOn – Finding Your Feet When Blogging

Goodword Editing – How Will Publishers Compete with FREE Content?

Career Ramblings – The Necessity of Professional Network

Mr. Gary Lee – Quick SEO Checklist

The Paper Bull – 50 things I learned this month while blogging

Ryan J. Parker – Does Your Blog Require a Login to Comment?

Thanks, everyone, for the powerful posts!

8 thoughts on “Powerful Posts – March 30th, 2007”

  1. Well I am off to Orlando! But before I left I had to check the workings of the blog community and I see your powerful post…thanks for the mention! I’m glad you found value in it!! Blog-on!

  2. That SEO checklist is a good reminder. Every blog owner should have ‘Google Loves Metadata’ written in big letters on their wall. GOOGLE LOVES METADATA. 🙂

  3. Nate, thanks for the link. My publishing friends are still laughing at me over that post. None of the presses I work with NOT ONE is taking blogs seriously. They have had a monopoly on words for so long they simply cannot imagine any scenario where they aren’t gatekeepers. (Although the Christian press Thomas Nelson seems to be blogging with some real intentionality over the last few months. I just don’t work with them.)

  4. Nate, it took me a bit to make it back around to this. What a fantastic use of flash! When it mentioned the new freelance editors, I about choked.

    And I loved the touch of naming the generic user “Winston Smith” ala 1984.

    Also, I wanted to publically state my remorse for being so fanatical in my last post. A lot of presses understand that blogs are important, they are just cautious in throwing a lot of money at something that has an uncertain return. No one wants to be first, I think.

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