10 thoughts on “Powerful Posts – May 10th, 2007”

  1. Hey Nate, thanks!

    There’s some good stuff here. Very impressed with Jane May’s new blog. The girl’s got zoom.

  2. Some good articles there; I am a particular fan of the ZoomStart article. Nothing but pure gold appears on that blog.

    I guess I will need to concentrate on writing some more powerful posts so I can get a shout out next week!

    – Martin Reed

  3. i saw that iffect list too and i was CRACKING UP at some of them! lol 😀
    i also wrote an article last week on raising your adwords lpqs. sort of a how-to. let me know what you think. oh yea and my zune came in this weekend from JC. how’s the wii?? hahahaha….

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