Blog World Fast Approaching

Over these past few weeks, my business partners and I have been preparing for UBD’s presence at the Blog World Expo which is being held November 8-9 in Las Vegas. This is not only the first trade show where we will have a booth, but it is also the first trade show that I have ever attended.

Blog World Expo is going to be one of the most talked about events in the blogosphere in the next few weeks. There are a ton of very notable bloggers and industry kingpins attending including Shoemoney, John Chow, Aaron Wall, and even TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington.

Las Vegas is only a 4-hour drive for us, so Matt, Josh, Dave and I will be driving up the morning of November 7th. We will be in Las Vegas until Friday night, so that means lots of pictures and video will be coming your way.

By the way, Dave is our new CTO for UBD. He is a great guy and you will be hearing more from him soon.

My good friends Prija and Ms. Danielle will also be attending Blog World. I have met Prija before since he lives only a few hours from me.

New Logo

UBD will be rolling out a new website and logo within the next two weeks. We worked closely with David Airey to craft a unique logo that we feel encapsulates the brand of UBD. Below, you can see a preview of our new logo.

UBD Logo

Another cool thing – we just hired 2 more full time in house designers at UBD, so quite soon, I will be returning to a regular schedule of blogging 4-5x per week. I have been blogging consistently for the past 8 months, and this past month has been my most infrequent month ever… That’s lame and I will make up for that!

Anyone else going to Blog World?

31 thoughts on “Blog World Fast Approaching”

    1. Hey Thomas, thanks for the kind words. 🙂 Yes, fresh is something we were going for with the logo. Hats off to David Airey. He is a wonderful guy to work with!

      Blog World should be a lot of fun – we will have a ton of photos and video to show you guys! 😛

      1. Very kind of you to say so, Nate. Likewise, it was a pleasure working with you, and I’m very glad you’re happy with the final logo design.

        Best of luck at the expo, and perhaps I’ll see you at the next one.

        1. Nice work David. Maybe a write up on the ‘design process’? 😉

          Hey Nate, I like the work you did for Mike Pedersen Golf. Nice one!

  1. Hey there Nate, long time no see.

    I sure am excited to be back just in time for an event like this, although attendance is impossible for me, I hope that we’ll get to see new and serious innovations presented by and to bloggers.


  2. The new logo design is simple yet very memorable. I really like it. I was wondering does anyone here no of any good logo design sites out there? I would like something which is affordable yet the logos are unique and professional-looking. I’ve heard a lot about ( but I still can’t really decide. Hope to hear some suggestions and inputs from all of you who maybe have certain experience in hiring online services. Thanks!

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