Pubcon Update

Hey everyone. Pubcon has been an absolute blast so far. Unfortunately I forgot my camera transfer cable, so I can’t publish any photos yet, but check out this video of Shoemoney talking about branding:

Branding – What Everyone Needs To Think About

The thing that I have stressed most about why conferences and conventions are so important is for increased branding. There are few things more powerful branding-wise than meeting and interacting people in person.

I have been fortunate to meet a ton of well-known industry professionals over the past several days and because of that, there is a much greater chance that these people will remember me now, compared to if I had just sent them an email or left a comment.

Tons of Free Crap

Another great thing about these expos are all the free crap that companies give away. Today, I made the rounds and picked up tons of free hats, t-shirts, stickers, mouse pads, even back massagers – all of which I will be giving away in a blog contest as soon as I get back!

tons of free crap
(photo from my iPhone)

Tomorrow, I will fly back from Las Vegas to Phoenix and upload all of my Pubcon photos and write a much more detailed summary of Pubcon and the past two days.

If you want to check out more photos from Pubcon, check out Shoemoney’s photos from the first night. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there the first night, so I am not in any of these photos, but these photos will give you a glimpse of the kind of parties that go on at these conferences.

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  1. Your business site is better known as “unique blog designs” but your t-shirt has on it. May be you got hold on this domain at later stage (and it redirects to, but that looks like changing the brand name.

    1. The logo and the domain is only on the back of the shirt – that is only so people could easily remember the web address if they were just looking at the shirt.

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