T-Shirt Friday: Fat Man Unleashed

Fat Man Unleashed

Thanks to Israel Lagares, aka Fat Man Unleashed, for sending me this awesome t-shirt.

Israel started Fat Man Unleashed in May of 2007 – a few months after I started my blog (January of 2007). UBD redesigned Fat Man Unleashed in October of 2007. Back then, FMU had only around 400 RSS subscribers. Today, Fat Man Unleashed has nearly 4000 readers! Talk about an online success story!

Israel recently started a social voting site specifically tailored to the health community called HealthRanker. HealthRanker has received mentions on many top blogs and is quickly becoming an authority in the social media circle.

Congratulations goes to Israel for creating two very popular and highly-trafficked websites! Make sure to check out Fat Man Unleashed and HealthRanker.

P.S. – The UBD Block Ad Plugin is here!