Hello Nate Whitehill dot Com 2.0

Hello to Nate Whitehill dot Com 2.0

Let me get straight to the facts:

  • I started my blog in January of 2007 (almost 1.5 years ago).
  • I started a blog design company in August of 2007 (almost 9 months ago).
  • Since then, I have been using a free, but highly customized theme by Ed Merritt called Ocean Mist…until now.

Welcome to Nate Whitehill dot Com 2.0.

Now, you may ask yourself, “why did the guy who started Unique Blog Designs wait so long to design a unique theme for himself?”

Good question. Continue reading Hello Nate Whitehill dot Com 2.0

Twittering Up a Storm

It seems like everyone these days is now Twittering – the micro blogging platform in which people “follow” each others’ updates via a live, instant message-like chat stream. You will see my recent Twitter updates on the top of the sidebar on the right-hand side of my blog.

I first started Twittering in November of 2007 when UBD attended the Blog World Expo. I used Twitter to keep my readers up to date of what I was doing while we were in Vegas at the expo.

At that time, not many other people were using Twitter and I had less than 10 followers. Now, in the past week, the number of people following me on Twitter has more than tripled!

What accounts for such a rapid increase in the number of Twitter users and followers?

I have no idea! Twitter is simply becoming more viral by the day. Way too many of my homeboys and homegirls are now using Twitter.

About a week ago I told John Chow to get on Twitter, and within a few minutes he was signed up and following me. In the past week, John now has almost 500 people following him on Twitter.

Many people seem to think Twitter is just useless bantering, but I have started to see its benefits. For example, Twitters allows you to:

  • Keep up to date with what your friends and colleague are doing
  • Be on the cutting edge of breaking news – for example, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington posts tidbits of upcoming news which have not yet appeared on his site
  • Keep you readers updated of your new blog posts using the Twitter Updater WordPress plugin
  • Share interesting stories or websites you have found with your followers
  • Start conversations with people whom otherwise you may never talk to
  • Network and become more well-known within online communities
  • Ask questions and receive answers from the people who follow you

I asked John, “Is Twitter just useless chat or do you think it allows you to better keep in touch with your readers?” This was his response:

Twitter is like having one big mega chat room. It can be a huge time waster or a good marketing channel depending on how you go about it. I got on twitter as a marketing move and I’m trying very to keep it from being a time waster. It’s VERY HARD!

I have noticed that as more of the people I know have started twittering, I have become more a more active Twitterer myself. In the past week, for example, I have updated Twitter (a.k.a “Tweeted”) over 70x… Compare that to less than 10x in the previous 5 months.

Writing a quality blog post takes significant time and effort, but with Twitter, you only have 140 characters to post, so no one is expecting a novel. A good “Tweet,” as they are called, may simply be a link to a cool blog post, or a question/answer to a problem a fellow Twitterer is having.

I highly recommend Twitter to anyone who is looking to network within a community and potentially increase new readers for their websites or blogs. I know that I will be using Twitter more over the next few months to stay in contact with my readers and also to network with people. I have even started to receive quite a few “follow” requests from many people local to me in Scottsdale, Arizona.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow me on Twitter!

Back to Blogging Starting with Blog World!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am going to get myself back to a regular schedule of blogging starting tomorrow (or I guess now LOL).

Why now? Well, as most of you know, I have been extremely busy the past few months working to develop UBD as a self-sustaining entity. What I mean by that is that in the past 2.5 months, we have hired three full-time employees, and have been working with a dozen or so other people to further develop the business.

A huge part of our efforts have gone into preparing for the first new media and blogging convention, Blog World Expo, which is taking place this week in Las Vegas.

Blog World is going to be an incredible experience and we will be capturing tons of video, pics, and also blogging about it (go figure!). Given that there will be a lot of other notable bloggers there, I wanted to share with you our experience as well as document what will be an spectacular gathering of influential bloggers. Not to mention, but I think it is about time that I get back to a regular schedule (4-6x/week) of blogging. What better time and place to start then Blog World?

For all of you not familiar with Blog World, let me just get to the point. Why is Blog World such a big deal to us?

  1. Blog World will be in Las Vegas, a city that I have never been to, despite being only a 4-hour drive.
  2. Blog World is one of the first industry trade shows dedicated exclusively to blogging and the new media.
  3. Blog World is my FIRST trade show ever.
  4. My business partner and CTO, Dave Bjornn, will be speaking on the Blog Design Discussion Panel.
  5. UBD will have a 10×10 booth with Josh, Matt, Dave, Shawn, two booth girls, and myself on the floor.
  6. John Chow will be there!
  7. Shoemoney will be there!
  8. Mark Cuban will be there!
  9. Numerous other bloggers (and friends) I know will be there, including, Chris, Gary, Danielle, Vinay, Anthony, Greg, Darin, Prija and I am several other people who I am forgetting due to being as tired as I am write this…

Update – Our friends Marshall and Joli from Lizard Wisdom will also be at Blog World!

Obviously, I can’t tell you enough how excited I am for Blog World! We have been preparing for Blog World for over two months now, and by the guest list and estimated turnout (several thousand in attendance) it should turn out to be a ridiculously awesome time!

Like I said, I will be chronicling my experience through video and daily updates to this blog. My other business partners, Matt and Josh, will also be updating their blogs with their experiences.

One other cool thing – I just picked up an iPhone and I will be adding Twitter to my blog and providing updates directly from the show floor. See everyone there!