Thanks To My Sponsors and Top Commentators For July

Thanks to My Sponsors and Advertisers

Wow, I can’t believe it is already August. This summer has flown by! I wanted to quickly thank all of my sponsors and advertisers from July.

Premium Sponsor: Daily Domainer
The Daily Domainer is a fascinating blog that covers the world of buying and selling Internet addresses, otherwise known as domaining. They provide up-to-date news about all aspects of domaining, including a weekly list of the top domains sold, and information on the newest domain extensions, including International domain names, which is a field of domaining I have been getting involved in lately.

Premium Sponsor: Create Business Growth
Create Business Growth is an interesting new blog that features ways to improve your online presence, weekly interviews with entrepreneurs, comprehensive business strategies, social networking tips, and much more.

My Text Link Advertisers

Text Links Available: I have one text link spot available to anyone who is interested. The price is $30 per month or $75 for 3 months. A big benefit of being a sponsor is receiving some of my PR 5 Google juice. Use the contact form to get a hold of me if you are interested.

Thanks To My Top Commentators

Now that we are in a new month, all of the top commentators have been reset. Now is the time to grab some of the my Google juice before the upcoming PageRank update. I am crossing my fingers for a PR6 this next time around.

Once again, big thanks to advertisers and a SPECIAL THANKS to all of my readers and commentators!

Update – I forgot to mention that Look To The Right AdWords Advertising has also been a valuable sponsor and supporter of my blog. Thank you, Noah!

13 thoughts on “Thanks To My Sponsors and Top Commentators For July”

  1. Time has gone fast this year, hasn’t it? I suppose it’s because there’s been a rush of bloggers less than a year old wanting to make a fortune online. Should be interesting to see if they’re still there within a year or so 😉

  2. Hehe yeah tell me about the time flying away. Can’t believe I’ve had half my summer hols already! Thanks for the linkback buddy 😉

  3. Thanks for the link> I’d comment here even if you didn’t give back, ’cause I love your blog 🙂

    I think the PR on my new blog is showing up on the data centers periodically and I’m not thrilled.

  4. With all the consistent linkbacks you’re been getting Nate, especially from ProBlogger, I don’t see why a PR6 is not possible. If you don’t get it this time round, you’re an absolute certainty for next update.

  5. It would be really funny to read Chicken Little and everywhere he says “The sky is falling”, you substitute “The PageRank is coming”. I think I’ll do that tonight.

  6. I have been reading your blog for sometime now, Nate. However, I have been kindaa lazy to leave a comment despite that I have always needed to add something. I would like to congratulate you for having such a blog.
    Well-done Nate and keep it up

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