Thanks to My Top Commentators!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank several of my readers for their support. Specifically, I would like to thank:

Thanks guys for your support. Also, I would like to welcome all new readers to my blog. My blog is designed to be an informative resource for those who are looking to start their own online business or those who already do. In the next few months, I will begin several series of articles on building successful “niche” web sites. Stay tune for my upcoming feature as I show you how to take a niche and carve out a revenue generating web site.

Thanks again everyone.

8 thoughts on “Thanks to My Top Commentators!”

  1. Pleasure to be here Nate. I think that your blog really manages to hit the sweetspot with entrepreneurship, lovely cars, design, SEO, WP, and general goodness. 😉

    David Wilkinson

    (P.S. I’m 13 this month… Kinda kills the bragging rights, huh? I’ll have to make the most of it!)

  2. Nate, Thanks for the MadWhips endorsement!
    I subscribe to your blog via my netvibes page, and read all your articles with great interest (e.g. The Aaron Wall SEO book is officially on my MUST READ list. )
    We are also eager to read about the progress of your businesses and hear about future business successes.

    Now I am going to check out for the first time David Wilkinson’s blog…

    -Vinay Menon

    1. Aaron Wall’s book has been on my own wishlist for quite some time… I really should get round to buying it. Rest assured, I’ll do it through your aff link too. 😉

      And yeah. Vijay, make sure you do checkout my site. 😉

  3. Nice of you to mention me here, I didn’t realize I was one of the top commentators because my Technorati messes up sometimes, I just noticed that I am in the list but you didn’t show in my Dashboard.

    Thanks anyway, I should be looking forward to that series on niche developing,

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