The 8 Million Dollar Maybach

The engineers at Mercedez-Maybach have built a truly amazing supercar. The Maybach Exelero is a one-of-a kind, handbuilt, 700 horsepower monster. The Exelero was originally commission by the Fulga Tire Company, who wanted to build a car of vast size and capability to prove they could make extra large low profile tires that could carry 6000 lbs and go 200 mph. The final cost? Eight million dollars. No other sports car in the world has tires this large.

What kind of vast size are we talking about? This car is 19 feet long, has 23 inch wheels and a gas mileage of 2.5 mpg at full throttle. Maybach insists that another Exelero will never be built. However, the worldwide reaction to the car has been so strong that Mercedes execs admitted they are considering a Maybach two-seater, although officially “there are no immediate plans.”

Click on a photo for a larger (1600×1200) desktop-size view.

Maybach Exelero Front Maybach Exelero Side
Maybach Exelero Interior Maybach Exelero Rear