The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Guest post by Mr. Achievement – Stanley F. Bronstein

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step
(Lao Tzu)

I recently saw an excellent movie called Rabbit-Proof Fence. The movie is based upon the true story of 3 young Australian aborigine girls who were removed from their families because they were of mixed heritage (their father’s were white and their mothers were aborigines). These girls were taken over a thousand miles from their home to the other side of Australia. They were to live in a camp where they would be trained, based upon the goals of a government bureaucrat who thought he knew what was best for them.

These girls missed their families so much and hated the camp so much, that they ran away and walked over 1000 miles home. They had no roadmap. No GPS systems. Instead, they followed a simple barbed wire fence designed to keep out rabbits. They were told this fence ran the entire length of Australia and they knew part of the fence was in their village. Demonstrating an incredible amount of courage and cleverness, they walked home, all the way, simply by following the fence. 2 of the 3 girls were able to elude bounty hunters who were sent out to recapture them. It was an amazing story.

When the government eventually recaptured these girls from their home and took them back to the camp, they walked away again and walked all the way home. These girls were incredible.

The point of their story is that they never gave up. No matter how far they had to go; no matter how long their journey; they simply kept going. They followed the only roadmap they had (the fence) and they kept going. One foot after another, they kept going. If they hit a roadblock, they dealt with it and found a way around it. Eventually they reached their destination. When they hit the ultimate roadblock (being recaptured and taken back to the camp), they simply started walking again until they reached their destination.

As you embark on your personal re-creation process, you are going to have to do the same thing. You are going to have to come up with your own roadmap and you are going to have to keep walking until you reach your destination. You may be able to find shortcuts along the way and you may find a way to drive a “speedy sportscar” (instead of walking), but you are still going to have to start and you are going to have to keep going until you reach your destination.

By reading this article, you have taken the first step upon your journey; your personal re-creation process. Now it’s time to come up with a roadmap (i.e. your “rabbit-proof fence”).

Stanley Bronstein is an attorney, CPA, author and professional motivational speaker.

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  2. So true about never giving up, but had to keep going when you run out of money 🙂

    Hopefully my commission checks will come soon and I will be back on track.

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  4. Amazing story. Apart from the obvious message of courage and determination, there is the underlying comment on a system that professes to know what is good for individuals and seeks to control them.

  5. Very inspiring story and I’m definitely agree with you. Thousand miles will never come true without a single step. Great post.

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