The More You Ping

The More You Ping

Many of us have heard of pinging or pingbacks, but what do these terms mean and how can they help your blog?

Pinging lets dozens of search engines and blog directories know when your site or blog has been updated. It then tells their robots to check your site for new content. In basic terms, the more you ping, the more search engines your site will be listed in.

If you are a WordPress user, then every time you publish a new post, WordPress alerts Ping-O-Matic telling it to ping a bunch of other services.

There are many other blog search engines other than Ping-O-Matic, and unless you add more ping URL’s to your Updated Services, you are not sending out as many pings as you could potentially be.

Update Your Services

Like I said, the only service WP pings to is Ping-O-Matic. Here is a lot of sites you should add to your Updated Services if you want to send out more pings. Here are the steps:

1. Log-in to your WP Admin
2. Go to ‘Options’
3. Go to ‘Writing’
4. Under ‘Updated Services,’ copy and paste the following list of sites:

5. After you have done that, hit the ‘Update Options” button and you are good to go!

Congratulations, you will now be pinging to a few dozen more sites!

28 thoughts on “The More You Ping”

  1. Hi Nate, it’s my understanding that the more services you add in WP the longer it takes to actually have your post published to your blog. What I do is remove those services entirely and use after I make a post. True, it’s a manual effort, but one that keeps me mobile when I want to get on with writing or surfing. I supposed I could just place Pingoat in the service box on WP, but it’s just become a habit.

    I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts about this approach.

    1. You’re right Mark – since I’ve been adding gradually to my list of pinging services over the months, my blog publishing time has too, increased. You can always leave the page mid-way through ‘posting’ your blog and it will still go live – but not all the services will be pinged. 🙂


  2. I think i’ll try this out… How effective is this in comparison to pinging the more popular ones such as Google, Yahoo, Syndic8, Technorati, ect.?

  3. @Sucker: that is something I think that needs to be dealt with carefully, which is the reason I use Pingoat since it pings many different services. In fact, I believe it has the most destinations compared to what I’ve seen.

  4. Feedburner also offer a PingShot service which I use. I don’t bother to ping any services from within WordPress. That way there is no delay when publishing posts. I let Feedburner do all the hard work for me. It works well for me.

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  6. I know I’m in the out-in-left-field minority here, but since my 2Dolphins blog is (Classic) Blogger-based, there seems to be no way to automate post-publishing pings. But maybe someone knows how I might be able to script the addresses Nate has listed and I could fire them off via a batch file or such manually after I post new content?

    There are a few ping sites that I manually hit after clicking the “Publish” button, but I feel like there’s probably much more I could be doing…

  7. Mine’s actually hosted on my own web space under my own domain name, but it’s still Blogger-based.

    I know that I’m missing out on some of the plugins and such, but overall, I’m reasonably happy with Blogger as my CMS and don’t quite feel confident enough in my skills to try to migrate over to WordPress.

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