The Successful Blogger’s Guide To Blogging

Anyone who has ever started a blog knows that it is easy to suffer from “information overload” when first trying to process all of the theory, opinion, tutorials and advice about blogging. Up until recently, not too many blogging guides have been released that offer a full overview of how to properly set up and monetize a blog effectively.

Oftentimes experienced bloggers receive questions from our friends about how to get started blogging or make money online. To anyone not familiar with blogging, the question of where to start is always a problem.

For example, if I wanted to explain to my grandma how to start blogging, I know that it would be quite difficult to concisely and effectively explain the process. Some of the other questions she might ask are:

  • What should my blog be about?
  • How do I set up my blog?
  • Who will read my blog?
  • How do blogs make money?
  • What is the quickest path to success?

All of these questions are answered in a new blogging guide by Alvin Phang of the marketing blog, Gather Success.

A Guide To Successful Blogging

The successful blogger, Alvin Phang, has written an easy-to-follow guide for anyone who wants to learn how to successfully set up, market and monetize a blog using large photos and concise explanations.

What is the right way? Well, for example, one common question many new blogger have is, “What blogging platform should I use?” There are many choices including TypePad, Blogger, and WordPress. Being the experienced blogger that Alvin is, he prefers WordPress and explains how to register a domain and set up WordPress on a server. This is in contrast to what many newbie bloggers do – they find a hosted blogging platform and start blogging from there. However, many experienced bloggers agree – for anyone looking to be taken seriously at blogging, they must host their blog on their own domain name.

Blogging To Make Money?

Many people start blogging these days in order to earn a passive income. Anyone who has been blogging knows that it is one thing to start a blog to make money and another thing to actually do so. In Atomic Blogging, Alvin shows clearly explains several tried and tested methods of doing how to do proper keyword research and make money through the blogging and affiliate programs.

I think that if new bloggers were required to read this guide before they started, there would be a far less less of a blog turnover rate. People who has been around in the blogosphere knows that most blogs don’t last longer than few months before they are abandoned. If these people knew what to do from the start, there would be a far higher chance they would be successful at it.

Why is there such a high blog turnover rate? According to Alvin:

Most new bloggers do not have a plan in mind to make money from it and tend to give up if they see no results. But, like any business you cannot expect magic in just a month. I always say this to anyone… all you need to do is just take one thing from Atomic Blogging and do it for one week. I can guarantee they will see results and take massive action. The problem is everyone in general does NOT take massive actions. The world’s richest people always look to succeed and not to fail. Stick to one thing you can be specialized and focus on it – you will be good in no time.

Marketing Your Blog

Most people with a little bit of dedication can successfully figure out how to set up a blog. However, where many people then give up is after they realize no one is reading their blog. Understanding how to effectively market a blog is just as important as how to start one. The fact is that marketing a blog takes time and one must be patient in their expectations of what the blog will do for them.

If someone has a plan in mind to set up, market, and make money from their blog before they start, there is an ever increasing likelihood they will discover success through blogging. Atomic Blogging is an excellent guide to blogging that will help people set up a proper game plan to become successful at marketing and monetizing their blogs.


I like how easy it is to follow the step-by-step guides in Atomic Blogging. Like I said, through the use of screen shots and concise explanations, it is easy for both experts and beginners to implement many of Alvin’s techniques to increase traffic or monetize their blogs.

If you are still interested in how to make money from blogging, then Atomic Blogging is the guide for you.

You can learn more about Atomic Blogging here… (no aff)

8 thoughts on “The Successful Blogger’s Guide To Blogging”

  1. “People who has been around in the blogosphere knows that most blogs don’t last longer than few months before they are abandoned.”

    Christ, don’t I know it! I’m planning an year long experiment to see just how long most blogs last (chances are unless I’m hit by a bus I will be blogging next year). Blogs that are set up to make money DON’T work. It’s been done, you’ve missed the boat.

    Provide something for the readers first, then monetize.

    I am starting a new blog tomorrow (as part of a new website). I’m checking out the guide for marketing as we speak. 🙂

  2. People who has been around in the blogosphere knows that most blogs don’t last longer than few months before they are abandoned.

    Its probably more weeks / days

  3. The trap of the hosted blog is a common one. I’m always surprised by how many people use ‘Blogger’ for something other then a family get together page. It has its place but not for the serious blogger. There is a huge group of people that have put hard yards in developing a site on Blogger and then feel trapped and have to try to transition all there users to a new site on a new domain name. Start your site on your own domain and you’ll win from the beginning.

  4. Yeah, I think if you are going to do anything do it properly. Start with a gameplan and stick with it. Of course things will happen to change your actions but the most important thing is to KNOW WHAT YOUR TARGET IS.

    I completely agree with Frank as well. I started out on blogger, but made the change before it became too late. It was still painful though but better than being stuck forever on it.

  5. The blogosphere is definitely Darwinian in nature: Survival of the Persistent (I suppose). Those who have a plan and stick to it are the ones who succeed. It’s not rocket science.

  6. Nate,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog for quite a while now and thought the information you provided and linked to in this article would be beneficial to my readers so I linked to it Thanks for stopping by it was an unexpected surprise.

    later all and have a profitable productive blogging day

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