The Ultimate Streetcar: The GEMBALLA Mirage GT

Gemballa Mirage GT

The Porsche Carrera GT is regarded as one of the premier supercars in the world. Its German engineers have managed to pump out 612 horsepower out of the 5.7 liter mid-engined V10. It tops out at 205 mph and you can find one for around $400,000. This is a backbreakingly fast car, but the mad scientists at Gemballa, a Porsche tuning company, decided this was not enough.

Gemballa slapped twin-turbos on the GT’s V10, upping the power to an unbelievable 1000 horsepower and 886lb-ft of torque. All this power needs extra downforce, so they proceeded to design entirely new bodywork. With the GEMBALLA body modifications, the Mirage GT fits perfectly into the starting line-up of any FIA-GT race. Not least also because of the materials used by Gemballa – all parts of the body of the Mirage GT are made of carbon fiber, a material common in the world of racing. The new hardtop has an integrated roof scoop to provide cold air for Mirage GT’s the massive twin turbos.

Gemballa requires $2 million for the Mirage GT conversion. A hefty pricetag, but this car will be able to smoke any modern day supercar, including the almighty Bugatti Veyron, which weighs 1000 lbs more. Porsche produced 1500 Carrera GT’s, a relatively high number for such an exotic and expensive car. So if you ever find your Carrerra GT becoming commonplace, you will always be able to stand out from the crowd with the Mirage GT conversion.

Click on a photo for a larger (1600×1200) desktop-size view.

Gemballa Mirage GT Front Gemballa Mirage GT Side
Gemballa Mirage GT Interior Gemballa Mirage GT Rear

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Streetcar: The GEMBALLA Mirage GT”

  1. That is definitely an insanely sick ride – 2 million bucks tho! wow – that would pay for a Carrera GT and an Enzo, or a Carrera Gt, a Veyron, and a Murcielago LP640 . Although it’s a moot point, cause anyone that could afford to drop 2 mill for this car, likely already owns those other cars as well! I think I read that Porsche originally planned on building 1500 Carrera GTs, but ended up only building 1270 examples. A (barely) used one now sells for around $300 K. What a Steal!!!!!

  2. Nice car, the power hasn’t improved that much. So it’s forgivable for Gemballa to be as of yet not finished with its Mirage GT Carbon Edition. But it had better be as impressive once they are. Hey, that’s the game of expectations one engages in within the world of tuning super cars

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