The Unbelievable Power of Google

Google is the world’s #1 search engine and one of the most profitable corporations on the planet. In fact, based on its recent stock price of $513 per share, Google, which has made searching the Web easy and even fun, is larger than Disney, General Motors and McDonald’s combined. However, it is interesting to me that many non-savvy Internet users are still unaware that Google is anything more than a search engine.

We all know Google is working on some super-secret and incredibly powerful technologies, in the GoogleLabs, but how powerful do they want to become?

Watch this video and see how you feel about Google’s power and their goal to provide access to all information to all people anytime.

The Google Master Plan

8 thoughts on “The Unbelievable Power of Google”

  1. Overall I was unimpressed with this video. There was nothing new that a tech-savvy person doesn’t already know. Although the filmmakers did not state anything specifically negative, it had the feel of a propaganda video made to scare the average ‘non-savvy internet user’.

    1. I agree… There was nothing new in there, for anybody on the net who’s been there and heard it all. Personally, I think the whole thing is slightly overhyped, and if anything, merely off-putting for those who are new to the internet.

  2. There wasn’t anything new on there, and i think they missed out one major thing. Google analytics can see what sites we visit. Surely, that’s a major one?
    Although, i also agree with David, very over-hyped.

  3. Let the propaganda campaigns begin!!! Theres nothing like good old fear-mongering tactics to get people talking, regardless if its positive or negative, there really is no better form of marketing and no quicker medium than online… All these recent Google propaganda films are going to spread so virally that within a few months all you will hear are people that know nothing about anything…(btw thats 99% of the planets population) yammering about how Google is going to take over the world and how our privacy is doomed. That in itself is enough of a comedy show for us to all sit back enjoy, and watch unfold.

  4. Interesting video, but like the others ahve said. It’s nothing new really. I reckon that Yahoo and Microsoft are going to announce some sort of partnership soon, so they can try and take on google.

    1. I have heard this rumor too. It would be extremely interesting if it indeed ended up happening. Personally, I think it is better than we have 3 main competitive players, but who knows what the folks at Microsoft are thinking.

  5. My gut tells me (and Colbert tells us not to doubt the gut feeling), that Microsoft will prolly pull out something from their sleeves and Crush Google whiting 2 years. I sure hopes so…

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