John Chow’s Top Linking Strategies

Everyone’s favorite dot com mogul, John Chow, has published an excellent article on the top linking strategies he has used to generate his blog over 7,218 links from 1,952 different blogs (according to Technorati).

I have implemented several of John’s linking strategies over the past month and have gotten some great results. My blog is now ranked in the top 100,000 on Technorati after my first month of blogging. Specifically, visiting your fellow blogger’s blogs and leaving comments is a great way to make friends and form connections in the community. I am even in talks with several of my fellow bloggers about starting up a network of niche blogs that will appeal to a much larger audience.

According to John Chow:

Links are the backbone of traffic. The more links you have coming to your blog, the higher your traffic level. Search engines, like Google, place an extremely high value on links. Google’s PageRank system is largest based on how many sites are linking to you – the more links, the higher the PageRank. …read more.

5 thoughts on “John Chow’s Top Linking Strategies”

  1. John Chow has some very innovative ways of getting links as well, i’ve been very impressed with some of his strategies, although I do get a little tired of the constant “200th batch of review my blog posts” 🙂

    1. LOL! I am also getting tired of the millionth batch of reviews…but hey, he found an extremely effective way to get links, and it has blown up more than he probably ever predicted!

  2. you know what’s crazy is watching everyone try to replicate the review batch link baiting system even though their PR or Alexa ranking won’t make it worth the reviewers while . . .

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