Two of My Favorite Bloggers Face-Off

Two of My Favorite Bloggers Face-Off

For those of you who have not yet heard, Daily Blog Tips has been running a poll entitled, “Bloggers Face-Off: John Chow vs. Matt Coddington.

This edition of the Bloggers Face-Off will feature two bloggers that help people make money online. The first one is the personification of evil itself, also known as the Dot Com Mogul, John Chow. The second one, Matt Coddington, started blogging only a couple of months ago but he is already gaining a lot of popularity in his niche. Let the battle begin!

Read the stats of each blogger, and then vote who is the winner. Some people are confused exactly what they are voting on, but I think it is meant to be a completely subjective poll, such as who is simply more awesome.

Personally, that is a really tough choice. I’ve been reading John’s blog for 9 months now and have learned an incredible amount of useful information on topics from personal finance to search marketing tips.

On the other hand, Matt Coddington has been incredibly successful in a very short amount of time with his Net Business Blog. His posts are always very well-written and contain a ridiculous amount of useful information. Not to mention, his blog is only 2 months old and it is already raking in $1,000 per month! Matt is also a personal friend, so I had to vote for him. Sorry John, you’re just too evil!

Go vote! May the most awesome blogger win!

At the time of this writing, Matt Coddington has 52% of the votes while John is trailing with 48%. Go, Matt!

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