Video Exclusive: Zac Johnson Talks About Facebook Advertising

This is my first in a series of videos I made from my trip to Affiliate Summit West. In this video, super affiliate Zac Johnson talks about Facebook advertising and it’s pros and cons. This video was shot using a Flip Mino HD (video quality needs to be worked with) and was recorded at the Market Leverage affiliate dinner at the Switch restaurant at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

More awesome videos coming soon!

15 thoughts on “Video Exclusive: Zac Johnson Talks About Facebook Advertising”

  1. Yea Facebook is not to be ignored, though lots of ads are getting denied over there.

    Never got what was the deal with the flips? The quality not that great, even on the HD, and otherwise as well… what if you want to take a video of yourself real quick?


  2. I’m impressed how well the forum went. I know facebook had taken the cautious route and keep to their central focus on being a social network, but stagnation really does bring too many problems.

  3. Zac didn’t give too much away, I wanted to know how Facebook compares with Google Adwords, or any other PPC he uses….I know PPC secrets can’t last long with these high profile guys as they’ll have nothing to talk about at the shows.

    Also Zac’s got the kind of face that would look well with a beard 😉

  4. I like the video and was very glad to see Zac Johnson in the part of a Affiliate teacher.The interview with him is really interesting.I am eager to watch the other videos you have promised.

  5. Yes, facebook approval system should be bettered for sure otherwise some of its users will stay away of it! Thanks for the video.

  6. I actually took some of my arbitrage campaigns (Adwords/Clickbank and Adwords/CPA) to FaceBook and $500 later I could not get a single conversion. I tried all sorts of split testing etc. and nothing. Just unbelievable.

  7. Now, facebook has a new advertising system named Beacon. Basically, it’s an in house text and graphic ad service to advertise. In addition to Beacon, they also allow the users to write free marketplace listings. From there, you are allowed to sell, while installing your website or blog’s URL address into the text advertisement. Once you have accomplished writing your ad for Facebook, all you need to do is have patience until it’s approved, and then have a little more patience, as a free listing will potentially generate you business over time.

  8. The best advertising guide or advice you can use will come from business experts. The key is getting an ad that attracts attention and makes people want to visit your website. If you have ever been on Facebook or MySpace, then you have seen the ads that are strewn across the top of the profiles or to the sides.

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