Video Podcast – August 13, 2007

Video Podcast - August 13, 2007

Hey everyone, Josh Mullineaux and I just finished our third video podcast. We shot this one on our third take, a huge improvement from our first video podcast which we wrapped on our billionth take.

Topics include:

  • Blog World Expo
  • Heatmap Testing
  • Josh’s new financial podcast
  • Some noteworthy posts

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You’ll note that we are talking up Blog World and we recognize that the blogosphere is an International community. Many of you may not be able to get to Las Vegas to participate, but we want you to know we plan on making a podcast there so we can bring it to you.

Links referenced in the video:

Thanks to everyone who linked to our last video podcast, including:

31 thoughts on “Video Podcast – August 13, 2007”

  1. Pretty good video, yet again. I would suggest trying to make what you cover on the topics a bit longer. Although the quality is wonderful, I believe it’s still a bit short. You’re getting better though at something you’re new at. Congrats!

    1. Hey Jake, thanks for the feedback. I agree that as we get better, it would be cool to make the podcasts longer. That is something we are definitely going to do in the next few attempts. Eventually I would like to average 5-7 minutes per video. Do you think that is too long?

  2. Good quality video. I think it’s actually a good length. It’s kind of like a blog posting on video..

    I’m sure it’ll just keep getting better!

  3. Hey, it’s getting better and better every time you publish a new one! Keep it up!

    And thanx for the link and mention in your podcast, it’s already pretty cool to get a link, but it’s even nicer to hear my name and the title of my blog! 😉

  4. Love the video, guys! I know this has already been said, but they DO get better with each one. Looks like you’re starting to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. And it shouldn’t be left unsaid that the CONTENT is great, too! Keep em coming!


  5. great video guys. Thanks for the mention. Have you guys decided on what package do go for at the expo, I’m not sure if the $500 package is worth it or not. I’m tempted to go for it but the extras you get could be a waste of money.

  6. Hi,

    Any chance you could add the video to Google Video as we folks in Thailand are unable to use youtube and a few other ones. Plus, it will generate some more exposure on there 🙂

    I hope this is possible as I enjoy reading your blog, and can’t wait to see the vids!


  7. Great job on the video!

    Especially the HIGH FIVE! That should be your guys’ trademark…the big HIGH FIVE at some point in the video, but keep it at random times so we don’t know when it’s coming. 🙂

  8. Good video, just the right length too!

    I’m not 100% sold on the video podcasting, but can honestly say that talking about links and including it within the post, rather than just the video, is a cool way to do it.


  9. Nate and Josh – I gotta say great stuff.

    What made it even better was your apparently forced use of humour LOL – but I loved it anyway.

    And as Deron says, I’m all up for more Borat quotes in the next video…

    *High Five!!* (in Kazakhstanian accent – you’ve nearly got it Nate).

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