Video Podcast: Gary Lee and Ms. Danielle Announce iPhone Winner

My good friends, Mr. Gary Lee and Ms. Danielle, announced the winner to their Free iPhone Giveaway today – and they did it through a video podcast! Congrats guys on the great video podcast, especially for only your second take. Prija from Blogging the Movie also makes a guest appearance in the video podcast.

Through their contest, they were able to get two of their websites to rank on the first and second pages of Google for golf equipment and free online coupons.

Gary gives several useful tips for making a video podcast including:

  • Remember your brand
  • Take Advantage of the time leading up to the Desired Message/Announcement
  • Donโ€™t Over Edit your video

Ms. Danielle and Gary Lee are about to launch a new website that is ALL ABOUT traffic building and it’s called Creative Traffic Builders.

Awesome video, guys! See you at Blog World!

20 thoughts on “Video Podcast: Gary Lee and Ms. Danielle Announce iPhone Winner”

  1. hey nate, thanks for posting the video, and for the shout-outs! we did keep in mind the points that you and josh made in your podcasts, so thanks for that as well!

    see you in Vegas!!

  2. Hi,

    Just a quick question. Do you find video blogs pull in more than average traffic (considering the increased places that you can post the video too) compared to a text blog?


  3. Good information. I definitely get a lot of traffic from Video marketing, but haven’t had a chance to try Video Podcasting. These tips could help me get started…

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