Want to be a Dot Com Mogul? Start with JohnChow.com

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Over the past few years, blogging has taken the ‘Net by storm and many people prefer reading weblogs to mainstream news. One blog that has continually inspired me is JohnChow.com. His blog is a well-rounded mix of enjoyable and highly useful content.

John Chow is the editor-in-chief for a leading computer hardware review site, The Tech Zone. In a nutshell, John’s blog is an insider’s look into the lucrative world of Internet marketing. He often covers topics relating to monetizing web sites, the pros and cons of various advertising channels, and how to market your blog. That is certainly not all though. John also features articles on cars, fine dining, investing, technology, the Internet, as well as many other topics.

John’s blog has in operation since December 2005, and to-date, he has posted over 600 articles. He sets a great example for how frequently a blog should be updated. The articles are always well-written and insightful. His most recent post, entitled “Creating Content – Post Length & Post Frequency” is an excellent example of a valuable article for anyone who operates a blog.

Business blogging has become extremely popular as of late. Large corporations such as Boeing, GM, and IBM all encourage their employees to maintain personal blogs. Not only is this a great way to communicate directly with customers, but it is also another source of exposure for these companies. John’s blog is the perfect mix of professional and personal affairs. Even though he receives over 200,000 unique visitors per month, John personally responds to every question he receives. I sent him a question ten minutes ago, and to my surprise, I have already received a response back.

To anyone who operates their own blog or is interested in Internet marketing in general, I highly recommend reading JohnChow.com. He is a true inspiration for how useful and entertaining a blog can be. Thanks to John Chow for the opportunity to write this review.

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