Want to buy Michael Schumacher’s cars? How about four of them?

Michael Schumacher's F1 Cars For Sale

Cars International is selling four of Michael Schumacher’s winning formula one race cars. All have been fully restored and are operational. The price? Only $6.5 million. Quite a steal if you think about getting four of the fastest cars in the world, all driven by the best driver in the world. Aw, if only I had the money, these cars would be going into my museum, but all with occasional track use!

Quote from the website:

Having retired as the most successful Grand prix driver in history, Michael Schumacher competed in two hundred and fifty Grand Prixs beating every record ever set. Ninety-one victories, one hundred and fifty four podium finishes, sixty-eight pole positions, seventy-six fastest laps and seven World Championships.

The opportunity now exists to own without doubt the most important cars of Michael Schumacher’s career. A unique and irreplaceable collection – each car fully restored, documented and complete with everything required to run and drive. Included in the sale will be a test at a private circuit, overseen by Michael Schumacher’s Teammate at Benetton, Martin Brundle. The test will include seat fittings, and four sets of driver’s overalls in the different team liveries. For the new owner we have also commissioned a hand built model of each car complete with a ‘certificate’ of ownership signed by Michael Schumacher.

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