Want to Win $335 of Podcasting Gear?

Want to Win $335 of Podcasting Gear?

Create Business Growth is giving away $335 worth of podcasting gear, including:

  • Behringer Microphono PP400 Phono Preamp
  • Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups
  • CAD EPF-15A 6-Inch Flexible Pop Filter
  • Tricks of the Podcasting Masters
  • Podcasting: Do It Yourself Guide

How to Enter to Win (It’s Very Easy)

All you need to do to enter the contest is add this link to your RSS reader:
Create Business Growth RSS Feed

Then send an email to christine@createbusinessgrowth.com and let Christine know that you subscribed. Subscribe by Friday, July 18th to win this package of podcasting gear valued at $335!

Click here for more information.

Who is Create Business Growth?

Create Business Growth is a new blog that provides free tips to help your business online and off, including entrepreneurship, business, internet & traditional marketing, management, improving your online presence, and social media.

11 thoughts on “Want to Win $335 of Podcasting Gear?”

  1. Looks interesting – if I wasn’t so against these type of contests, I would enter!

    Good luck to everyone that gives it a try. I wonder how long they will remain subscribers for once the competition ends?

    – Martin Reed

  2. “Looks interesting – if I wasn’t so against these type of contests, I would enter!”

    I understand the comment, but we’ve been amazed at the high level website owners and bloggers who have signed up so far. It is increasing readership. We just finished our first 30 days and are actively trying to build readership which seems to be working.

    Co-Founder Create Business Growth

  3. I subscribed. But my husband has great filmmaking equipment we can use for podcasting. SO – good luck to everyone else!

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