Want to Work for Google?

Want to work for Google? Who doesn’t? Google has become the Internet’s fastest growing phenomenon and their corporate culture is known as one of the best in the country. Working at Google is not easy, however. They receive over 1 million applicants each year and only hire 5,000! Talk about only hiring the best and brightest…

Check out the official Google Recruitment Video and tell me if you would like to work for Google.

12 thoughts on “Want to Work for Google?”

  1. To be honest, I’d rather work for myself as a self-employed internet millionaire 😉 Of course, Google comes in as a decent second though. They really seem to give a lot of care to their employees, when you take into consideration how large of a company they are.

  2. love the google plex…didnt know they had a beach ..!! Looks super fun…but i guess since they want you to work there….its a bit biased …however it still looks more fun than any other place i’ve ever worked at!!

  3. My brother has been talking to me about getting a job at Google in Sydney recently and how it is fairly easy for people graduating from his degree. I’ll send him the link. Sure he’ll apreciate it. ^_^

  4. That’s a great promo video. Here’s a paradox …

    If most companies had a rewarding corporate culture like Google’s, there would be less entrepreneurs going out to create great corporate cultures like Google’s.

  5. Lars,
    I totally agree with you. As cool as Google is, nothing is cooler than working for yourself.

    You are lucky – at your current pace – you will never have to work for anyone, ever!

    Sony is an interesting company. Why them?

    I hear what is most amazing about Google is all of their gourmet, free food.

    Keep us posted if your brother gets a job there. It would be interesting to hear your and his thoughts.

    You are right. It is a blessing and a curse.

  6. Seeing something like that just makes me green with envy. I think out of all the different companies of the world Google has to be one of the ones I would walk over hot coals to work for. Working for yourself would be great but you probably wouldn’t be working on projects of that sort of scale. Everything Google does is BIG.

  7. Oh no… Now I plan to make a new thing like or better than Google is easier for me than join Google.

  8. Hey Nate, infact each and every developer and webmaster dreams to work for Google and want to be a Googler, but that’s not simple, why because MNC’s requires on papers experience, some times you may find person on the top level has low level of knowledge and understandings, still i would like to be self employed rather than Googler.

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