Welcome to June. What Are Your Goals?

What Are Your Goals?

It’s June now. Did you accomplish your goals for May? If not, what got in the way? I like to set goals for both my blog and businesses. It’s an important part of my life and I would like to share with you why I believe that setting short-and long-term goals is something everyone should do.

Why Is Goal Setting So Important?

Ask anyone who is successful if they set goals. I guarantee every person will tell you that they set both short and long-term goals. Goal setting is not difficult – anyone can do it. The difficult part is following through on your goals and not getting discouraged when you do not meet them.

Ankesh Kothari recently posted an easy trick to achieve all of our goals. What’s the trick? It’s simply writing down your goals. Ankesh says:

“Writing down goals is nothing but a filtering device for your brain. You will focus more on the things you’ve written down as your goals. And you will jump on them when they present themselves as opportunities.”

Set a Timeline For Your Goals

Goals are just dreams if you don’t give them a timeline. That is why it is so important to set both short-term and long-term goals. I like to set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. If you can, write down the exact date you expect to accomplish your goal.

Of course, you need to be realistic when setting a timeline for your goals. You can’t expect to become a a millionaire within 6 months if you have no plan of how to do it. Many goals, due to their incredible magnitude, require their own detailed action plans in order to accomplish them.

Several of my goals have ten or more steps I need to take in order to accomplish them. Several of those steps have several additional steps, and so on. The more specific you are, the more you are increasing the chance that your goal is not just a dream, but a plan of action.

The Power of Blogging About Your Goals

The Power of Goal Setting and BloggingThere is a lot of power when you combine goal setting and blogging. First of all, by blogging about your goals, you are effectively writing them down, which is the necessary “trick” in order to ensure you are taking your goals seriously. Secondly, by sharing your goals with the blogosphere, you are opening yourself up to a whole world of encouragement and support.

Of course, another plus to blogging about your goals is that you are putting some pressure on yourself to accomplish them in order to prove to your readers that you not only set goals, but you accomplish them. Setting and accomplishing goals is a process of progress, so what better venue to document this than your blog?

Additionally, there are not many topics more exciting to read about than a personal journal of someone’s journey success. Isn’t that primary reason we are all here, to learn from each other? What are blogs, really? They are personal journals of our trials and tribulations. Your blog probably is the best place to be chronicling your progress and goals.

What Happens If You Can’t Meet Your Goals?

There are always reasons why we can’t accomplish our goals. However, if you are serious about being successful, you better have a good reason why you didn’t meet your goals.

That being said, I have a confession: I didn’t meet one of my goals last month. These were two of my main goals for May:

  1. Hit 200 RSS subscribers. I surpassed that goal. My count is at 300, currently.
  2. Send out direct-mailings for infinFX. I did not accomplish this goal. The reason being that, currently, I have more projects on my plate than I can handle, including a new business venture which is taking up 80% of my time.

If you didn’t meet your goals, sit down and figure out why. Maybe the goal was not timed realistically, or perhaps something else more important came up, such as in my case. Whatever the goal is, if you are serious about accomplishing in, do not stop at anything until you do.

The Road To Your Goals

My Goals for June

Now that it is June, I am ready to set a few new goals for the month:

  1. Hit 400 RSS subscribers. I think this is absolutely possible. At the beginning of May, I only had 150. I ended up doubling that last month.
  2. Host another blog contest. My 1000th Comment contest was a great success. I will be hosting another contest at the end of this month. I expect a lot more people to enter this time.
  3. Make my posts even more readable. In my recent post, 5 Ways To Make Your Posts More Readable, I talked about several ways to improve the layout of your posts, thereby making them more “readable.” I believe that by making your posts more readable, you are helping to ensure that more people read each one of your posts, despite whatever the topic or length might be.
  4. Finish all of my current work for infinFX. This is going to be the difficult part. Between my work for the new startup, infinFX, and blogging, I have no life. It will a difficult task to make this happen.
  5. Develop 500 Websites. I know what you are thinking, “Nate, are you crazy?” The answer is yes, but not for that reason. Recently, in my How Blogging Has Changed My Life post, I told you about a new venture I was starting to work on. Part of my job at this new startup is to develop 1500 search engine optimized web sites. I will be explaining this more in detail later, but, yes, 500 websites this month is my goal. Thankfully, I will have some help.


Everyone loves to dream about becoming successful. How many people actually turn that dream into a reality? Imagine that feeling – you did it. You set out to accomplish your dreams and you did. Those that “do it” say it is the most incredible feeling you could ever imagine.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start planning. The world is your oyster. You need to plan out every detail and give it a date. I want to hear about your goals. Tell me, and let’s see if we can help each other accomplish our goals, and ultimately, make our dreams come true.

Everyday more people are living out their dreams. It’s time to start planning.

36 thoughts on “Welcome to June. What Are Your Goals?”

  1. Some good material there on goals and congrats on meeting your rss subscriptions goal. I have to say I love coming to your site since every post you write is “readable”. I don’t think I really noticed it until you pointed it out in a previous post but it’s a pleasure to come check out your content.

  2. You plan on creating 500 websites this month and continue developing and marketing infinFX?

    Wow – nobody can claim you don’t set yourself challenging goals! Good luck.

    – Martin Reed

  3. You’re moving along quite nicely Nate in accomplishing the goals…Here’s Some Good Luck to get you on your way this month (Not that you need it) !!

  4. Congrats on the RSS goal Nate.

    That’s a lot of websites to develop. But I like the sound of it. I picture a field of dot com dollar bills!

    I got my eBook done and out for May which was my primary goal. It’s one or two weeks late, but I had to take some beach-time. Which is always one of my “goals” believe it or not.

    My June goals are still in development. For the most part they’re a list of little things to explore and catch up on, which is part of my process for creating bigger goals

  5. Nate,
    Do you mind sharing your RSS reader to visit ratio? I am new to this blog writing and I was just wondering. My visit rate is probably too small to give any reliable numbers. My guess is that it would be somewhere around 1% just because that is a standard reader response rate to anything. Now your content has more appeal than some things and less than others – as nice as you are.

    So I am just hoping to set my goals at a realistic level – like 100 or 200 RSS subscribers based on a daily visit rate that I hope to push up to 2,000 a day. I just started the blog last week.

    Thanks for the goal sharing session.

  6. Thanks Nate for inspiring others.

    Woohoo on 200 subscribers!

    For direct mailing, you may want to lookup USPS’s NetPost services. It makes mailing very easy. You just upload the direct mail piece and your mailing list – and they do everything else. Quite reasonable too.

    Having a life is important (d’oh). May I suggest asking 3-4 bloggers to write one guest post on your blog? Will atleast reduce your blogging work a bit – thats 4 evenings you can have some free time on.

    I’m very interested to see how you create 500 websites! How big a team do you have? I would think you would need atleast 10 people to create 500 websites in one month (2 websites per person per day)! Or else you need to be superman 😛

    Unfortunately June only has 30 days… don’t you hate that?

    1. Ankesh, that is a great idea about asking a few other people to blog for me once in a while. I think I am going to follow up on that. I have only 1 other person helping me create the web sites. The sites are only one-pagers, but still a ridiculous amount of work nonetheless. Yes, I wish June had 60 days lol…

  7. Goals are good to set because it’s only human to forget them unless you make a commitment. I hope to improve on my RSS subscriptions.

  8. Wow. 500 sites. It takes me a month to get one up and running. I have to write articles and prepare tutorials. It’s a bid deal for me. Maybe yo ucan share your details on how to accomplish such a massive goal.

  9. Goals are what turn desires into reality.

    Love your comment about using blogging and goals in sequence. Never thought about that.

    As someone who has studied goal setting for years, the very best goal setting tool to use, is a life coach, executive coach or whatever kind of coach you need. Tiger Woods uses a golf coach. A few millionaires I know use coaches to push them towards their next goal. Because successful people know that they too, need a kick in the butt to reach the next level.

    Another great aid is an all-in-one goal setting tool like, mylifechanges.com.

    Yes I own it. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

    At please don’t put up 500 crappy websites. 🙂

  10. Congrats on reaching your goals Nate. I didn’t reach mine this month. But I’ve managed to sort out my blog and get back on track. So I should be happy with that. Lemme set some goals. 🙂

  11. It’s always thrilling to fulfill our dreams! I am happy for you that you are achieving your goals and am just as excited to read about the accomplishments of every entrepreneur. We each share a tiny bit in the successes (and failures) of our fellow entrepreneurs. We encourage each other. We are each other!

    Goal setting may likely be the single most important tool in the achievement of our dreams! Doing it properly unleashes energy and creates synergy. I sincerely believe that “if we can dream it, we can achieve it.” Congratulations!

    Nice site Nate! I have bookmarked it and clicked the subscribe button!

    1. Hey Daniel, thanks for stopping by and bookmarking me. You are right – us entrepreneurs need to stick together and keep each other motivated. I will definitely check out your site!

  12. Hi Nate,

    Great post on goals. I have to give you a lot of credit for posting your goals on the blog. I think I’ll try that.


  13. Congrats , for achieving the subscribers goal. I am new on the scene too and wish to develop my readers list.

    Best of luck for your lofty dreams of 500 websites.


  14. unfortunately i’m a terrible procrastinator and i have a fear of lists. 🙁 my ADD leads my mind to wander…speaking of which, is that a picture of Kaya Ayu Beach in Bali? i have a picture that looks exactly like it! palm trees, soccer players, everything..

    i’m interested in reading about your 500 web sites too. sorry randomness going on…

  15. Goal setting is very important and a habit I plan to get back into soon. Don’t forget the importance of setting some non-business goals. Here are some suggestions…

    1) Run a 5k
    2) Watch one foreign language film each month
    3) Make a list of places to visit in your lifetime
    4) Try a new ethnic food each month
    5) Learn how to cook something new each month

    Have fun!

  16. Thank You for setting an inspiring example. Laying your goals out there for others to see and your progress towards reaching those goals is gutsy. I applaud you.

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