Who Do I Turn To For Advice?

Who Do I Turn To For Advice?

Who do I turn to for advice? Excluding my parents, I can only count on two people to give me straightforward, insightful and trustworthy advice. One person’s name is Josh Mullineaux and he is also my best friend, roommate and business partner at infinFX.

Like an Insider’s Perspective

I have been friends with Josh since high school. Over the years, I feel like he always has had an insider’s perspective into many areas of life – including personal finances, working out, girls, business, and just how to best proceed with life. Josh conducts an incredible amount of research on whatever he is interested in and makes every decision based on careful consderations.

Quite Accomplished for Only Being 22

Josh is currently the Director of Operations at infinFX as well as a personal banker at JP Morgan Chase. He is also about to graduate from Arizona State with his business degree. Not bad, for only being 22. Josh is by far the most financially sound person I know. Through his advice, I have learned a great deal about the importance of saving and planning ahead.

I am happy to report that Josh is starting his own personal blog where he will be writing about finance, business, and personal development. I highly recommend you check out his blog and subscribe to his RSS feed. He will be updating his blog 5-6x per week with informative articles on business, finance, motvation, and how to balance your life.

Josh has only been blogging for a week, but he has already written a number of great articles, including:

Josh's Blog

What’s most amazing about Josh is the way he manages his life – he works full-time at a job that most people can’t get until they have graduated college and he also attends school full-time. As if that is not enough, he has also been instrumental in the business success we have enjoyed thus far. Being a financial whiz, Josh’s goal is to be retired by age 30 and he knows exactly what he needs to do to make that happen.

Who Said That

Check out Josh’s blog, Josh Mulllineaux dot Com, for an edge on financial, business and personal success. When you check out Josh’s blog, you will probably notice it looks familiar – that is because yours truly helped him design it.

Josh has always been there to guide me in the right direction and I am sure he will be able to help you, too.

16 thoughts on “Who Do I Turn To For Advice?”

  1. Dear Nate,
    You are very fortunate having such a good friend. Again this post inspired me. I am 22 and wish to be like Josh. The most vital part in the post that caught my attention is “He wants to to retire at 30 and he knows exactly how to make it happen.” Gr88888. He is working and also partner with you and more over he is running the blog, inspiring. Thanks for your this article. Again you make me able to know one good blog.

  2. I like his header image. Is that his Porsche 911 cruising around Sebring?

    The only thing I would urge you to remember is Josh is young. Sometimes a young guy has wisdom but not experience. That experience is something you can only gain with time. Any chance to pick up an old, wise, seasoned professional would be a great book to be able to reference in the future.

    Obviously you’ve got a great friend in Josh and certainly a gifted individual to bounce thoughts and ideas off.

    1. Yes, that is the new 977 GT3. I am not sure if it is Sebring or not. Yes, Josh is young, but he is wise beyond his years. Most adults I know are not as on top of their game as he is. Thanks for the comments.

    2. With the internet nowadays even young people can absorb so much information in a lesser amount of time than we got to a little over 5 years ago.

      This generation is probably the best informed of its kind, they just have to know how to use it properly and with a lot of bloggers giving their personal insight into life itself the information is there for the taking.

  3. It’s so important to have good friends who know you well enough to “make the call” on whatever’s going on.

    I have a couple of friends who are the first people I call when I have an “I did a bad, bad thing” moment or an exciting idea for something and need some feedback.

  4. Retiring by age 30, hey that’s my goal too!

    I’m 27 now, 3 more years of this Internet stuff and I think I might be set, hopefully.

    What’s with all these car headers on making money blogs?

  5. Yes, the company you keep makes a big difference. Surround yourself with like-minded motivated people whose skills complement your own and you can go far.

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