Win a Bathtub Full of Cereal and Help a Family

Everyone’s favorite wild man, and CEO of IZEA, Ted Murphy, loves cereal so much that he is giving away 52 boxes (enough to fill a bath tub) of it in his first “super promotional happiness giveaway.”

How to Enter

Each person can enter up to 2 times, once via their blog and once via twitter.

Enter with your blog. To enter with your blog simply write a short post including one of the promotional images or video below and link back to this post. Please make sure you drop the URL of your post in the comments.

This is a great opportunity to win a lot of cereal and donate the boxes to a local food bank, which is what a lot of the contest entrants are promising to do.

You can learn more about the contest here.

Win a Bathtub Full of Cereal from Ted Murphy on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “Win a Bathtub Full of Cereal and Help a Family”

  1. I’m am very curious of what it would feel like being in the bath full of cereal. Hmmmm… I wonder what my local store does to out of date cereal…

  2. Well, this is certainly a unique and creative idea! Not surprising coming from you! I’m not sure if I can pick just one, but if I had to, I’d probably go with Cap’n Crunch. My daughter might want Life though!

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