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My friend Kieron from is giving away a free blog design from none other than my company, Unique Blog Designs! How do you win? All you need to do is write a short review of one of Kieron’s sites.

Kieron’s affiliate marketing blog,, is an excellent resource into the world of affiliate marketing. Kieron has been making a full-time living off affiliate marketing for a while now – and it appears he has been very successful at doing it!

The deadline to enter is October 31, 2007. For more information, check out the contest rules here.

30 thoughts on “Win A Free Blog Design From!”

  1. Right on I am in forsure. Thanks again nate for the great header oh and btw my contest has started as well. As of right now I am on the quest to give someone 100,000.00 dollars cash.

  2. Sounds like an awesome prize. I might just have to enter that, if I can tear myself away and manage to part with my current theme that I put so much time and thought into. But we’ll see.

    It must be contest season, huh? I just started mine off as well. I’m looking to give away a MyBlogLog pro account.

  3. As the recent recipient of a free redesign (almost finished!) I have to say to anyone thinking about this: do it! A redesign at first sounds like fun, but it causes you to rethink your entire site in ways you wouldn’t expect πŸ™‚

    1. An epic is one way to describe it. It`s more like …. give back the 100K to the people in different amounts. A few people on the comments have questioned the legality of it all.

      1. The number were corected, but the risk was way to high. I am a single father full time and the last thing I need is to break a law or two…

        1. πŸ™‚ You have to know when to minimalize risk.l know all the “cool kids” talk about taking big risks on a regular basis, but then reality sets in ….

    1. That was one of 3 reasons, my support for that contest was nice but I also didnt want people thinking it was a money grab. Which is wasn’t and with how new my blog is it was a bad time as it would of draged on to long. I was also getting emails from friends personaly begging me to make sure there name was drawn to win, which would of been wrong as well. Next time in a year maybe I will have made enough to set up a fully automated contest like that…if I am allowed by law. It would of been fun though thats forsure. If you havnt seen the great header Nate did for me check it out too.

  4. Great Contest. After loosing (in fact not winning) David Airey’s design, here is another chance for my blog to get professional looks.

  5. Kieron is asking for links with specific anchor texts… I hope Google doesn’t come up with penalty for participating sites…

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