Winner of My Pubcon Schwag Contest

As most of you know, two weeks ago I went to Las Vegas for Pubcon and I picked up a bunch of cool promotional items from all of the booths there. I recently held a contest to win all of these items, plus a Shoemoney t-shirt and a Unique Blog Designs t-shirt. It has been one week since the contest – and today I drew the winner out of the 70+ people who entered.

Congratulations to Michael Kwan of Beyond the Rhetoric who was randomly selected out of ~70 people who now subscribe to my blog via email!

Michael Kwan: Beyond the Rhetoric

Michael is a freelance writer and being so, he writes a lot of interesting and entertaining articles over at his blog. Some of the articles I have particularly enjoyed are:

Congratulations, Michael, and Happy Holidays too! Make sure you take a pic for all of us with your UBD t-shirt and all your new gear!

Thanks to everyone who entered! I will be holding more contests in the future for everyone who is subscribed by email – so make sure to subscribe by email, so I know who is reading my blog!

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