WordPress 2.7 Is Teh Coolness

I’ve been beta testing WordPress 2.7 for the past few weeks and I have to admit, I am impressed to my highest degree of geek. It is so much cleaner looking, has cool new functionality, and the fact that you can upgrade and download new plugins from with the WP Dashboard is pretty sweet.

Check out this video which explains how cool WP 2.7 actually is:

Most people are not comfortable with making big upgrades to their blogs, but I have been testing WP 2.7 pretty extensively with all of our WP Themes including Citrus Theme and the UBD Moneymaker Theme, and it has been working perfectly.

Download WordPress 2.7 Here

If you are using WordPress 2.7 now, what is your favorite new feature? Run into any weirdness? Tell us about your experience.

11 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 Is Teh Coolness”

  1. UGH, after the jump to WP 2.5, I started to see a whole log of lag on slower computers. Why can’t things just be SIMPLE and be black and white at times lol. Bloggers with slower computers may start having problems…


  2. just upgraded to 2.7. CommentLuv plugin does not function properly, so I may turn it off till some upgrade comes. Otherwise smooth so far although will take a while to get used to new interface 🙂

  3. Hunh, so *that’s* what the new version is about. I just noticed that they rearranged my dashboard (alas, I have a low degree of geekness, and just focus on writing :P) and it too me a while to find everything.

  4. I’ve been messing with the new version of WP and there’s some issues with the media files . . other than that, it just gets easier and easier to blog!

  5. WordPress 2.7 is a great version and is worth trying indeed. It stylish look and new functionality make this version just perfect.

  6. Version 2.7.2 has just been released! Can you believe how time is flying, and one has to say that the developers of WordPress sure ain’t resting on their laurels! What an awesome platform, and it is just getting better and better all the time!

  7. I really do enjoy the WordPress 2.7 and every version of WordPress that has come out, every update that is…. Now I can’t wait to see what WordPress 2.8 has in store for us! I know its coming soon, hehe 🙂

    @Internet Age, Are you sure about 2.7.2 ?? Don’t you mean 2.7.1? Because I dont see the 2.7.2 on their website.

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