You Will Go Crazy over CarZi!


After over a month in planning, I am proud to finally announce the launch of CarZi!

CarZi is the second blog from the Zi Media Network – owned and operated by 13-year old problogger David Wilkinson. I have been working with David on upgrading TechZi over the past few months and CarZi is the first blog we are co-authoring, along with two mad fellas from Canada – Vinay and Anthony from

CarZi’s focus will be all things car-related including – aftermarket, American cars, auctions, car buying, concept cars, driving, European cars, gadgets, garage, energy-friendly, hi-res photos, Japanese cars, maintenance, advertising, spy photos, tech, videos and my favorite – Formula 1.

If you love cars, like I do, you will go CRAZY for CarZi. We plan out pumping out more than 50 articles over the next month from our four writers, among myself.

Go visit CarZi, join our MyBlogLog network, and subscribe to our RSS!

6 thoughts on “You Will Go Crazy over CarZi!”

  1. sounds like an interesting blog! I hope you guys have a hybrid section, starting off with that hybrid supra everyone’s talking about . . .

  2. I had come across your carzi website, looks pretty good, yes I am a car addict so i will be checking it as often as I check all the other blogs I have listed, EVERYDAY, lol.

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